Dane_faceAs someone with a world of background in the Internet and IT industry, it’s no surprise that Dane Christensen loves working on the cutting edge. That’s why you’ll find him here at Baynote as an Engagement Manager. But in order to be an engagement manager at Baynote, you have to be engaging! (It’s a requirement, seriously.) And in this month’s employee spotlight, you will see why Dane is a perfect fit.
What’s your name and job title at Baynote? Dane Christensen. I am an Engagement Manager 

How long have you been here?

10 months, since April 4, 2011

What does a typical day at Baynote look like for you?

My days are full of a wide range of activities to help Baynote work better for our customers.  On a typical day, I’ll help a customer add new attributes to their catalog feed, work with our solution engineers to tweak the look and feel of their recommendations, and pass along feature requests . I also play a part in training customers how to use our Insights tool, modifying rules to fit customer-specific merchandising, and a wide range of other activities.  The environment in which Baynote operates is always changing, so my work never ends.

Tell us how your past experience made you the right fit for Baynote:

In my 17 years of experience in the Internet industry, I’ve filled just about every role from trainer to web analytics specialist.  I’ve also been involved in almost every aspect of the eCommerce business. Fortunately, that spherical knowledge is incredibly important to my job function. It’s imperative that I  understand our customers’ websites, how they interact with the Baynote system and how that relates to the ultimate objective to our clients of selling more products from their marketplace.

What attracted you to wanting to tackle the e-commerce personalization opportunity?

I knew from the start that the Web would be the future of commerce and I know that process is only just beginning.  I like being on the front end of a surging wave.  And I believe personalization is the vanguard of that wave.  Better personalization has been the Holy Grail of marketers since long before eCommerce emerged, and recent technological advances are consistently making that more achievable.  Consumer spending is the engine that makes our economy go, and personalization is the lubricant (if not the turbocharger) that makes the engine hum.

In your opinion, what sets Baynote apart from competitors?

I’m most excited about Baynote’s forward-looking perspective.  Baynote’s focus on the “Wisdom of the Crowd” is unique compared to other company’s strict focus on profile-based methods for generating recommendations. But rather than resting on our laurels, we are focusing a lot of energy on positioning the company in the forefront of personalization and the customer experience.

Personalization is everywhere these days, from shopping to search. What’s a fun use of personalization in technology you’d like to see?

I know there’s a huge potential in social media. Every day, more and more people are expressing their interests and preferences through their social profiles.  And through the social graph we should be able to learn even more about what people want by understanding what their connections like.  It’s a massive data-crunching problem, but I know it’s theoretically possible.  I hope we’re the ones to tame that beast.

It’s Saturday. Where can we find you?

I’ll be hanging out with my two delightful daughters, Sofia and Sasha.  We’ll be at the San Jose Tech Museum, maybe at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, or just playing at the park.  Either way, we’ll be having fun!