FireworksThe Personalization Roundup is an ongoing blog series featuring the most evocative news, articles and blogs curated by Baynote each month highlighting the rapidly growing topic of web personalization. For this month’s roundup, we’ve combed the web to once again bring you the latest and greatest on the personalization revolution.

January kicked off with a bang as we said ‘goodbye’ to 2011 and ‘hello’ to 2012 and a fresh set of resolutions. Retailers took a hard look at their failures and successes over the last 12 months and began setting new benchmarks for performance across their channels. With a record-breaking holiday shopping season behind us, now is the time for retailers to take action and ensure their online storefronts are up to snuff. Read on to find out how personalization is positioning brands for success and sparking innovation and disruption in the New Year:

Consumer Sentiment with Online Holiday Shopping Experience Improves but Retailers Have Long Road Ahead with Mobile and Social , Baynote—We’re not usually one to toot our own horn, but with outlets like Internet Retailer and TechCrunch covering the news, the results of our 2nd Annual Holiday Online Shopping Experience Survey made big waves this month. Check out the report and infographic to discover, among other key findings, how 57 percent of shoppers bought products personally recommended to them this holiday season.

For Mobile Commerce: The Year Of Convergence And Context, ForbesMobile commerce emerged as the true channel to watch in 2011 with total m-commerce purchases exceeding $10 billion. But what if mobile commerce isn’t what we think it is? Marketing SVP Jeff Caron explains the subtle, but distinct differences between mobile-enabled ecommerce and mobile commerce and explains how personalization can provide a “transformational” mobile shopping experience for the shopper that influences behavior and boosts spending.  

How Will We Read: Textbooks?, Huffington Post—Vineet Madan, VP of McGraw-Hill Education, a leading provider of education tools, believes using technology to individualize online educational programs and textbooks could very well reinvent education as we know it. “Personalization” says Madan, “will help break the performance rut associated with today’s industrial production model of education.”

You Can’t Spell Media Without “Me”, TechCrunch—Social media distributor and WetPaint CEO Ben Elowitz knows that understanding one’s audience is the hallmark of any great communicator. This is why, according to Elowitz, the media industry’s greatest failure has been its unwillingness to open its eyes and ears to its own audiences: until now.  Does personalization have the “greatest potential to transform the media business,” as Elowitz suggests? We certainly believe so.

No More Average 32-Year-Old Woman, but Market Myth Persists, AdAge—Just as man cannot live on bread alone, retailers cannot market by demographic alone. Milan Mahadevan hammers this truth home in AdAge, declaring that “many marketers already have the tools they need to realize the benefits of personalization, but most insist on using the same tired techniques when examining “average” consumer behavior.”