Meet Dan. Dan is our Sr. Director of Product Marketing. With a focused yet friendly personality, Dan works hard to ensure Baynote’s product strategy is effectively communicated across teams and channels.

What’s your name and job title at Baynote?

Dan Darnell. Sr. Director of Product Marketing.

How long have you been here?

3 months.

What does a typical day at Baynote look like for you?

Morning is my “thinktime” so I normally spend the first part of the morning working on something strategic like messaging or a critical info-graphic. From there it is typically off to a meeting or triaging email. We are very outcome oriented and I get to figure out what is important to meet my objectives. So, I try to figure out the “big rocks” for the day and make sure those get priority time. This is a startup environment, so I rarely get everything done that I need to, but I try to make sure my attention is focused on the highest value items or items where there are the most dependencies and if something has to drop it is something I can pick up later or the next day.

Tell us how your past experience made you the right fit for Baynote:

I started my career as an Analytics PM at Siebel, where I helped develop the Real Time Decisions (RTD) product, which later became Oracle RTD. This product pushes relevant marketing offers to call center agents at the right time in the sales process based on rules and algorithms. Later I joined Interwoven to run marketing for the Optimost, a multivariate testing and targeting platform, where I had the chance to work with a number of name brand companies in retail and telco. Throughout my career I have been working at the interface between machine learning and the human experience. Baynote is just the next logical step in my personal journey.

What attracted you to wanting to tackle the e-commerce personalization opportunity?

Wow, well, I think Baynote has a tremendous opportunity to impact the experiences of actual people like you and me. Baynote has a unique solution and vision that really empowers brands to create meaningful experiences for consumers.  Our objective is to make online experiences much more like those that people have in stores when they interact with a really good salesperson. I just think how nice it would be if websites understood what I was looking for and helped me with relevant content at the right time in the browsing and buying process. That vision is what attracted me to the company.

In your opinion, what sets Baynote apart from competitors?

Our view of in-the-moment personalization.  As a consumer, what really matters is what I want right now and not what I was shopping for last week. The basis of most sites personalization and recommendations is totally flawed.   After getting to know Scott Brave, our founder and CTO, I can see that his vision for the future of human computer interaction based on advanced machine learning combined with an understanding of human psychology is very different than anything else I had seen before in the market.

Personalization is everywhere these days, from shopping to search. What’s a fun use of personalization in technology you’d like to see?

I think I would like my smartphone to be more integrated with my real world experiences. I think retailers should be able to use my smart phone to communicate the information about the products they have in store and make suggestions that are personalized to my needs. I should be able to use my smart phone to scan or take a photo of the product to get more information. A pet peeve of mine is not being able to find clothes in my size (which always seem to be the most popular size or the size for which they have the least inventory). If they don’t have a product in the store in my size, I’d also like to scan code or take a picture and then be able to order my size online.

It’s Saturday. Where can we find you?

Being December and all, I’d most likely be playing with my kids at home or skating at the ice rink.