TurkeyThe Personalization Roundup is an ongoing blog series featuring the most evocative news, articles and blogs curated by Baynote each month highlighting the rapidly growing topic of web personalization. For this month’s roundup, we’ve combed the web to once again bring you the latest and greatest on the personalization revolution.

As we struggle up from the Thanksgiving table and swing headlong into another holiday season, retailers are making their lists and checking them twice to ensure their online channels are up to snuff. Recent reports by Forrester and Deloitte indicate that online shopping will increase by 15% to $60 billion this year, with the Internet replacing discount stores as the No. 1 holiday shopping destination. Something tells us there might be a Wish List registered to K. Kringle on Amazon.

In the midst of good news for online retailers far and wide, where is personalization fitting into the mix? Something tells us it’s positioned to become the gift that keeps on giving, especially with industry-defining companies like eBay, Yahoo! and Groupon making enormous investments in personalization deployment this month. As for the rest? Quite frankly, we can’t wait to see where this sleigh-ride takes us.

For the latest personalization updates, read on:

eBay Buys Hunch To Improve Long-Tail Shopping Recommendations , Techcrunch—When eBay made an $80 million dollar investment in Hunch, a service that provides a “taste graph” of personalized recommendations based on users’ interests, it fired an unmistakable message into the stratosphere: personalization is the future of e-commerce. As pioneers in this very field, we couldn’t be more excited for the company and the validation. As our own Neal Amsden says, welcome, eBay.

Yahoo! Optimizes Personalization in New Products , Digital Media Wire—Search behemoth Yahoo! steps up its personalization game in a new suite of products designed as part of the company’s philosophy of delivering the Internet to each of its users in a personalized digital experience. Standout product include Livestand, an “iPad magazine-style app that brings together content from Yahoo!, as well as from more than 100 of its leading third-party publishers, into an experience personalized to meet each user’s interests.”

Groupon’s New Personalization Features Allow Businesses to Recycle Daily Deals , Mashable—On the heels of its record-breaking IPO debut, Groupon continues to bank on first-generation personalization integration to drive repeat business with the debut of a new ‘likes’ system and an unprecedented opportunity for retailers to recycle their daily deal offers. While we’re glad to see Groupon catch on to the merits of personalization, we still believe third generation, or intent-based personalization is the future of the industry.

Smartphones Blur The Lines Between Stores And eCommerce, Says eBay CEO John Donahoe, Internet Retailer—When the CEO of one of the world’s most successful retail operations says something as shocking as ‘ecommerce is dead,’ people listen. But as our own Anurag Wadehra explained, Donahoe simply believes that ‘retail and e-commerce are becoming one’ (thanks to innovations in smartphone shopping). As the lines blur between channels, what can retailers do to ensure their personalization strategies remain on target?

[Infographic]: Personalize Your Website to Create a Unique One-to-One Experience , Monetate—A great infographic from our partners at Monetate. The graphic offers retailers a fun look at the ways they can target their personalization efforts to create shopping experiences that are truly unique to each consumer.

10 Tips For A Better m-Commerce Site Or App, Internet Retailer—Mobile is aggressively becoming the channel to watch with Powerretail reporting a 100% increase in conversion over desktops by tablet users and CNBC asserting that m-commerce will yield $31 billion dollars in annual revenue by 2016. This is why we argue that it’s so important for retailers to ensure their personalization strategies are synchronized across these newly developed channels. These ten tips from Baynote partner, Endeca, offers retailers ten tips for building a better mCommerce platform for shoppers.