September Roundup

The Personalization Round Up is an ongoing blog series featuring the most evocative news, articles and blogs curated by Baynote each month on the topic of web personalization. In our sixth monthly round up, we’ve combed the web to once again bring you the latest and greatest on the personalization revolution.

Summer may have given way to Fall, but if these recent articles are any indication, personalization is still bringing the heat. This month, we heard about Microsoft darling Bing’s brand new “Adaptive Search” feature, the importance of conversion in today’s e-marketplace, a potentially game-changing new avenue of social networking, and the Google-backed Ebookstore that has competitors like Amazon and Barnes & Noble sweating.

As always, we here at Baynote love a good discussion, so be sure to share your thoughts and comments below.  Read any interesting articles lately? Post links and I’ll share them in our October Round Up next month.

Bing Explains Why Adaptive Search Improves User Experience, WebProNews—Is personalization becoming ubiquitous? Bing, Microsoft’s answer to Google, rolls out its “Adaptive Search” feature in an effort to make searches more tailored to the user based on browsing and query history. But don’t call it personalization, cautions Bing director Stefan Weitz, who says “you should just think about personalized search as search.”

Conversions: Whose Job Is It Anyway?, ClickZ—In a world where companies pay $92 on average to acquire them but only $1 to convert them, what exactly does it say about companies that place an emphasis on conversion? According to Bryan Eisenberg, it might just mean they’re “passionate about being customer focused and data driven, testing continuously, understanding lifetime value, and are quick to act.” That sounds about right to us!

Altrec Quadruples Conversions with Baynote Personalization, Baynote—On that note, check out details we released this month on how e-tailer and Baynote customer, Altrec, was able to increase conversion rates more than four times over by using Baynote’s personalization techniques. Congratulations Altrec!

4 Lessons From the Google Ebookstore, Practical eCommerce— If this article is any indication, e-bookstore juggernauts like Amazon and Barnes & Noble should be afraid—very afraid. Reporter Armando Roggio outlines four reasons why Google’s Ebookstore could be the next big thing and encourages other online merchants to learn a thing or two from the site’s model, which includes personalized recommendations.

The New Social Network: Who’s Nearby, Not Who You Know, Techcrunch—With the rising popularity of proximity based social networking apps like foursquare and Gowalla, which use geographic location to connect users to people around them rather than those they already know, a new network of influencers is emerging. What could this ultimately mean for social commerce and how can personalization software predicatively adapt to these changes in individual perspectives?