July Personalization Round-up
Image courtesy of sgrace, Flickr

The Personalization Round Up is an ongoing blog series featuring the most evocative news, articles and blogs curated by Baynote each month on the topic of web personalization. In our fourth monthly round up, we’ve combed the web to once again bring you the latest and greatest on the personalization revolution.

This month kept us on the lookout for fireworks well past the 4th of July holiday, as sparks flew around personalization for ecommerce merchandisers, web gurus and advertisers alike. Whether on social shopping or mobile commerce, you could almost guarantee a lively discussion on this topic at any time in July.

We always look forward to reading interesting articles that have caught your eye recently. Share links to additional articles (or your own trend predictions!) in the comments below, and I’ll share on the blog next month.

Google+ Improves on Facebook , The New York Times – Google joined in on Facebook and Twitter’s social media ‘party’, which was met with both skepticism and outright excitement in July. Google+ joins the “Dominant Duo” and solved pressing privacy issues upfront with a social media platform that the Times’ David Pogue calls “already too good to ignore.”

Let’s go ‘social shopping’ , BBC Online – Retailers from Levi’s to TicketMaster discovered benefits from the social shopping phenomenon, beyond an improved customer experience, as users continued to serve up ‘likes’ in hopes of a better tailored experience.

Peering Into the Future of Online Video, eCommerce Times –As retailers move beyond experimentation with online video, many are adding personalization to the digital video mix this year. No surprise, personalization comes up as a hot button, right alongside return on investment.

Social Shopping Gets Personal: Lucky Magazine Partners With ThisNext, Forbes – Lucky magazine unveiled plans this month to build a social shopping platform that will allow users to personalize their own shopping experiences. Lucky’s move marks an ongoing trend among print media publications to integrate personalization into their increasingly important online presences.

Dancing To The Drumbeat Of HTML5, New Pandora Is Brilliant, Beautiful, TechCrunch – Pandora, the well loved one-stop-shop for personalized ‘toons rolled out what TechCrunch called a “massive metamorphosis” in July. Along with the new look, the site has reportedly also improved the way it delivers dynamic recommendations.

Big data in real time is no fantasy, GigaOM– After already sweeping through the ecommerce industry, the personalization trend seeped into the advertising ecosystem in early July after Amazon partnered with Triggit to create personalized, real-time ads.