June Personalization Round Up

The Personalization Round Up is an ongoing blog series featuring the most evocative news, articles and blogs curated by Baynote each month on the topic of web personalization. In our third monthly round up, we’ve combed the web to once again bring you the latest and greatest on the personalization revolution.

Behold the almighty barbeque, the family camping trip and well-worn pair of flip flops. Summer is…back! With it, June also swept in a slew of interesting perspectives about personalization as the topic took hold across new industries. The personalized web and its implications sparked conversation among a diverse cross-section of individuals, from retailers, to branding experts, to social marketers. It’s fast becoming a big, personalized world out there.

To help you consider your own plan of attack, we’ve again curated the best articles on personalization this month. As always, we’re eager for your thoughts on these and other articles driving dialogue around web personalization. Throw us a link in a comment below, and we’ll round em’ up again in July!

Links of the Month for June:

Want To Sell Product? Sleep With Your Customers, Fast CompanyMartin Lindstrom, author and one of TIME’s “Most Influential” people, suggests that brand leaders get back to the basics (and even their customers’ bedside) to better understand and tailor to their customer interests. It’s a “gotta live it, to believe it”-type thing.

The Trouble With the Echo Chamber Online, The New York Times – The echo chamber forewarned by author Eli Pariser continues to ruffle feathers in June. The Times acknowledges ways that personalization streamlines content discovery and notes that despite controversy, it sure is convenient for consumers.

What Consumers Now Want From Brands And What To Do About It, Fast Company – As the personalized web comes fully to fruition, consumers are increasingly aligning themselves with brands whose values are in-sync with their own. This author’s advice? Articulate your brand, then let consumers come to you.

IRCE 2011 Report: Retailers should put people first, Internet Retailer – Following the “get to know your customers” message in the first Fast Company article above, perspective from the Internet Retailer Conference & Expo this year points out that merchandisers must look beyond the product shelf to understand their customer’s values and personalize their brand message accordingly.

How Pandora could raise its revenues, GigaOM – Everyone’s favorite personalized radio service Pandora made waves after going public this month. Time will tell whether its personalized approach will continue to give it a leg up during its exciting, albeit rocky, debut.