If you’ve ever wondered who the people powering Baynote are or what it’s like to work here, wonder no more. In our ongoing spotlight of the rotating cast of characters at Baynote, you’ll meet everyone from our engineers to our management team to our HR staff (and did I mention we’re hiring?).

First on the block, let’s meet Joe:

Joe Napolitano

Joe Napolitano

What’s your formal title?
Software Engineer

What exactly does that mean?
Software Engineers analyze problems, and participate in the design, implementation and testing of a product that solves them.

How long have you been here?
9 months

It’s Saturday. Where can we find you?
Enjoying the beautiful scenery in Santa Cruz—my home away from home!

What’s something your friends are surprised to learn about you?
I play several instruments, and I sing in the car!

Fill in the blank. I make a mean person rethink their perspective… or a raspberry tart.

What is it like being an engineer at Baynote?
Fun and challenging.  It’s the perfect blend.

What development tools do you rely on most?