Screaming at bad personalization like a Psycho?A recent eConsultancy blog post by Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners  (one of our favorite people btw – an extremely talented creative type) outlines the ugly underbelly of large website management – documenting how a disturbingly large percentage of large websites fail to deliver on basic expectations for usability and accessibility. For example, out of 900 top websites reviewed, 18% had five or more average errors of accessibility, usability or compliance per page – and the 100 largest companies averaged more than six errors per page.

Yikes. It’s frightening. And instructive. Doug concludes that “the structures and tools to ensure the site experience stays on the rails haven’t kept up” – and he outlines five systematic and symptomatic ways to fix these issues.

It’s good reading – and it’s reminiscent of the same problems of scale we often see plaguing web personalization efforts. Let’s face it – it’s hard to manage content across a large web presence – and it’s hard to manage thousands of recommendations and personalization elements in that environment too. You can’t do it all manually. Your merchandising experts will go crazy (maybe not literally, but they’ll definitely waste a lot of their valuable time).  And your customer experience will suffer. And you’ll convert less. And you’ll make less money. It’s not pretty.

Personalize visitor experience to make more sense & cents

That’s why we collected answers to many of the personalization problems in our eBook, Eight Mistakes in Web Personalization. (You can register to get the pdf – or scroll back through this blog and you’ll find entries describing each of the eight.)
I hope you enjoy the insights – from Doug and from us. Be careful out there…